[ad-ven-cher] noun


The excitement and willingness to do new, unusual, or rather daring things


Something that is most likely a very, very silly idea, but sounds exciting, so you try it anyway

About Me

Louis Waterman-Evans | Mountain Guide

I feel most alive when I’m out in nature, embarking on a new adventure, and challenging myself to see what my mind and body are capable of. I consider myself first and foremost a runner, but dabble in climbing, mountaineering, cycling and any other outdoor pursuit suitable for the terrain I’m exploring. Based in Edinburgh, I am currently dedicating myself to getting out and exploring the Scottish Highlands, all the while planning adventures further afield. I love sharing my experiences with others, from planning to training to just cracking on with the task in hand. In the blog you’ll find adventure-related thoughts, as well as posts on challenges, training, nutrition and anything else that I think might be of interest. If you want to learn more about any of my current or past adventures, or would like to suggest an idea for the future, please do get in touch.

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